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Wednesday, 20. November 2013
Workouts To Look Good In A Party Dress
By larraineso, 07:01

Though not new by any means, this branded form of intense functional fitness workouts has skyrocketed in popularity over the past year or two. If youre into fitness, theres a good chance youve noticed boxes (the term for a gym in Crossfit lingo) opening near you, or your regular gym starting to offer Crossfit-inspired group fitness classes so they dont lose you to that new local box. If youre not into fitness, youve probably unwillingly been subject to a friend or acquaintances social media updates on how much they lifted,or how fast they did a workout, or at least seen a bunch of crazy abbreviations that dont make any sense until youve been a crash course in Crossfit talk. Regardless of any of the above, Crossfit is an in thing, so get used to hearing about it, wanting to try it, or already doing it.

Turnarounds & Workouts Announces Outstanding Turnaround Firms for 2013

RSS Follow me on: Every year right around this time, the American College of Sports Medicine announces the fitness trends for the coming year. Last year's predictions (which you can see here if you care) were a little off, I think because the list didn't include the number one type of exercise that everyone seems to be doing this year: High Intensity Interval Training . Whether you call it HIIT, interval training , circuit training , high intensity circuit training , 10-20-30 training , Tabata training or metabolic conditioning , we've been doing it all year and, according to ACSM, we'll be doing it next year, too, along with bodyweight training , working with personal trainers , strength training and exercise and weight loss , just to name a few. So, thinking of the current trends and what they say we're doing, where do your workouts fall? Are you doing more high intensity training, as the surveys suggest, or are you exercising in other ways?

The honorees are selected by Turnarounds and Workoutsa editorial staff based upon these firmsa recent representations, and from nominations received from leading restructuring professionals nationwide. aAll of the firms included on this yearas Outstanding Turnaround Firms list had notable engagements in the past year and I believe that the senior professionals at these organizations will continue to be leaders in the restructuring world for years to come,a said Turnarounds & Workouts editor Nina Novak. This year, twelve firms were chosen for recognition. To view the list of Outstanding Turnaround Firms and read more about the firmsa achievements, please visit Registration is required to view the list, but registration is free and can be completed in just a few seconds.

Outshine even the most sequined party dress with these workouts that will help you dazzle this holiday season. Start now and be ready to stun all throughout December. Sculpted Arms and Shoulders

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