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Workouts Bring Appel Back Home To Houston
By larraineso, 05.11.2013, 06:03

"I feel like if I'm looking too far ahead, I'll be putting the cart before the horse," Appel said. "I want to focus on today, focus on the things I needed to do today, which is work out here in the weight room and also work out tomorrow and work out the next day. Just take it day by day and focus on the process. I trust the end of the tunnel will finally get there at some point.

Not only is it extremely hard -- running fast up a lot of stairs -- but when you come down, you are so tired you feel like you are going to stumble and fall all the way down. In college we would do a total of internet 120 stadiums as a team -- 10 each, nonstop. If a teammate couldn't make it, someone else had to make them up, and by the end there were people falling all over the stairs. Jan Kruger/Getty Images Allyson Felix says her scariest workout is capped by two hours in the weight room.

But heres the thing: Even though its now scientifically proven that CrossFit boosts endurance, we wouldnt be able to sleep at night if we told you to jump blindly on the CrossFit bandwagon if youve never done it before. Why? CrossFit is hardlike, really hard. For one thing, it was recently linked to rhabdomyolysis , a scary medical condition resulting from pushing yourself too hard.

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